Online Artist Talk with Leila Ghasemi- Unveiled Silence

Feb 17, 2024 2:00PM


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Windsor Art Center

Artist Talk with Leila Ghasemi

Date: Saturday, February 17th 2pm

Location: Online. The link will be sent to you upon registration.

Cost: Free (registration required)

About the exhibit: Unveiled Silence is an ambitious project that aims to shed light on the prevalent struggles faced by women in Iran, offering a poignant critique of the inhumane regulations, deep-rooted stereotypes, and stifling cultural norms that perpetuate a climate of silence and invisibility. Through this exhibition, the artists endeavor to dismantle the oppressive narratives that consign women to a passive role and create a platform for open dialogue on the urgent need for gender equality.

Presented and hosted by Windsor Art Center, this exhibition and programming will feature two Iranian women artists who have a deep understanding of the history as well as lived experiences to share. Featured artists include Mahsa Attaran and Leila Ghasemi.

Leila Ghasemi is an Iranian artist and architect focused on the oppressive conditions that Iranians, especially women, are experiencing every day. Following her graduation, she participated in several architectural competitions and continued to receive honors before finally opening her own architecture office. During her studies at SCI-Arc, she developed an interest in performance art, and in 2021, she wrapped herself in bubble wrap which was suspended from the ceiling to challenge traditional painting on canvas and to demonstrate that there are no limits in art. As she continued to explore the intersection of performance and architecture, she decided to merge the two worlds and use them to address social justice issues faced by Iranian women. She wanted to use this platform to express dissent away from government surveillance and create a safe space for women’s activism. Her project not only served as a piece of protest and critique, but also demonstrated how architecture and communication tools could be used to enable and disseminate protest more broadly in Iran and beyond. She graduated on September 11th, 2022, and just days later, the Iranian morality police killed a woman named Mahsa Amini, sparking a revolution led by Iranian women. This was the beginning of what she had speculated about – a near-future Iran where women would take the lead in revolution.