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Volunteer Information Page

Hello and thank you for being part of the Windsor Art Center’s volunteer family!


(Last updated July 2023)


The Windsor Art Center is fortunate enough to have many amazing volunteers who dedicate their time and efforts to our organization. This month, we are sharing our gratitude with one in particular:

Douglas Cloutier!


Doug has volunteered at the Windsor Art Center for about 23 years. In his own words, “I love volunteering at special events, as well as general gallery shifts. The Art in Bloom event stands out in my mind as a very successful night that I had a fun (and challenging!) role in: running the auction items table and counting the money for the 50/50 raffle!”


But to Doug, the most surprising part of his whole WAC experience is participating in the annual Members’ Shows for the last three years where he submits works of digital photography. “For a long time, I never saw myself as an ‘artist’. Now I’m always looking for my next piece (and my next frame).”


Doug is currently most involved with the Volunteer Committee. He has helped create systems for and maintained important data entry. With attention to detail, his efforts have helped the organization all around.

Even after all of his hard work, Doug’s not done yet! “I look forward to staying involved in the Windsor Art Center, in various roles, for years to come.”