Second Layer: Conversations through Canvas

The Windsor Art Center is pleased to announce its upcoming exhibition entitled “Second Layer: Conversations through Canvas by B.D. Stellmacher” which will run March 19 through April 23, 2022.

Second Layer: Conversations through Canvas by B.D. Stellmacher

Opening Weekend
Saturday/Sunday, March 19 – 20 (Artist meet & greet on Saturday)

FREE Grab & Go Treats (while supplies last)!

Virtual Artist Talk
Friday, April 8 at 6pm

Gallery Hours
Thursday 6pm-8pm / Saturday 10am – 4pm / Sunday 11am – 4pm

About the Exhibit

“Second Layer” will feature a series of large-scale paintings that explore the concept of recognizing and acknowledging the beauty that lies beneath one’s appearance. It challenges viewers to embrace the gifts, knowledge, and wisdom we individually possess and to resist the urge to judge one another by race, gender, religion, sexuality, etc. B.D. Stellmacher challenges us to dig deeper than what we initially see and “persevere to annihilate the surface of the first layer to embrace the gorgeous wealth that resides within the second.” In addition to the “Second Layer” series, Mr. Stellmacher will include other paintings that explore various themes that include social justice, music, religion, education, and the Black experience in America.

About the Artist

Benford Dwight Stellmacher, Jr is a multi-faceted artist and native of Bloomfield, CT who began his creative journey as a youth, drawing graffiti, cartoons, and sketching on any piece of paper he could find. For over 10 years, Benford’s creative tool of choice has been a mouse which he uses to create unique identity solutions through his graphic design business, Authentic DNA Studio, LLC. He is currently based in Hampton, Virginia.

In December of 2018, Benford expanded his artistry to include acrylic painting. In 2020, he established B.D. Stellmacher, Jr. LLC. Benford refers to each of his artistic creations as “conversations,” strategically intending for each piece to act “as an independent catalyst to an internal dialogue with the viewer as they behold the textures, patterns, and colors of each piece.” He debuts a new “conversation” through canvas almost daily. He aims to inspire, influence, and impact his audience.

This exhibition is supported in part by local businesses, organizations, and individuals from our community.

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